Restylane Perlane
For adding subtle volume to the lips

Lips are at the forefront of our mind without even knowing. When you meet someone, without thinking you look at their mouth, at their lips, the shape and texture. We all want the perfect lips to be ready and confident for that ‘close up’. Emervel Lips offers a tailored, customised filler treatment experience to emulate beautiful looking lips. Restylane Kysse 1ml (Emervel Lips) is clinically proven to be well tolerated by patients and long-lasting. It contains local anaesthetic lidocaine for improved comfort during treatment. Restylane Kysse 1ml (Emervel Lips) is your treatment of choice for long-lasting, natural lips. “86% of Emervel Lips patients wanted to be treated with the same product again”*

Treatment areas

Find out more about how Restylane can enhance your appearance and the different areas that can be treated.

Which product is best for me?

Always contact a qualified Restylane practitioner for a consultation. Your Restylane physician will give you personal advise on which product suits your needs the best.

Lips and chin
Restylane - Lips and chin
Cheeks and nose
Restylane - Cheeks and nose
Eyes and forehead
Restylane - Eyes and forehead
Deep skin hydration
Restylane - Deep skin hydration