Choose Restylane when you are looking for a beauty treatment that is natural, safe and tailor-made to your individual needs.

It's safe

Restylane is today one of the safest aesthetic treatments in the world. Since its launch in 1996 millions of people have used Restylane making it one of the world's most widely used hyaluronic acid based aesthetic injection treatments. Unlike some other hyaluronic acid-based products, Restylane is non-animal which means there is a minimal risk of allergic reactions or transmitting disease. Galderma, the company behind Restylane, is devoted to continued research and development to ensure that patients and aesthetic practitioners are provided with market leading products.

It's natural

Restylane gives a natural looking result and is based on the unique NASHA™ technology where the hyaluronic acid closely resembles your body's own hyaluronic acid. Restylane is not a toxin and does not affect facial expression or facial movement. As Restylane is non-permanent, it allows you to avoid a permanent look you might regret as your face changes over time.

It's for you!

Restylane products allow treatments to be tailored to your wishes and needs – and the results can be seen instantly. As treatment is non-surgical, there is a minimum of downtime so you can get on with living life to the full.

The world of Restylane


The hyaluronic acid technology behind Restylane

Restylane products are Swedish made from high quality raw materials and components. The products are based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin and produced with the patented NASHA™ technology.

What is hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid is one of nature's most versatile and fascinating substances. It is found throughout the body as well as in most other living organisms. It has many functions, from giving the skin elasticity to lubricating joints. Hyaluronic acid can bind large amounts of water and this important property underlies the unique characteristics of NASHA products.Restylane products are high quality and give long-lasting treatment results. This is achieved by using hyaluronic acid with a high degree of purity together with our unique stabilization process, the NASHA technology.

Products for Aesthetic treatments with long-lasting results
In its natural form in the body, hyaluronic acid lasts just a few days. Therefore, stabilization with NASHA technology is necessary to give long-lasting results yet with superior tissue biocompatibility. The final result of these efforts is Restylane – a safe beauty product that is well accepted by the body, with long-lasting aesthetic results.

Resylane Filler - Patient satisfaction
Classic - 92%
Lyft - 83%
Kysse - 95%
Refyne - 92%
Fynesse - 89%
Skinboosters Light - 79%

Suggested treatment areas with Restylane

Lips & Chin

Skin hydration
Full face
Contour and volume

Cheeks and nose

Skin hydration
Full face
Contour and volume

Eyes and forehead

Skin hydration
Contour and volume

Deep skin hydration

Facial Skin hydration
Acne scars

The advantages of Restylane

Well tolerated
Immediately visible and natural-looking results
High treatment comfort due to the integrated local anaesthetic lidocaine.

Lips and Chin

The mouth is often in the center of attention. It is also particularily exposed to ageing, both from sun and wind, but also because you use it every day when you laugh and talk. Restylane can be used to restore lost volume, smooth out wrinkles or simply to rehydrate your lips.

Cheeks and nose

With the help of Restylane your face can regain lost volume in a careful and natural way. By replacing the volume in some parts of the face you can achieve a more youthful look.

Eyes and forehead

Wrinkles and lines do not always add character to a face – sometimes it actually gives the opposite impression. A treatment with Restylane can smooth away worry and frown lines, and give your tired eyes a soft lift to achieve that fresh look you want.

Deep skin hydration

Restylane Skinboosters treatments provide deep skin hydration and improve skin the structure and elasticity of the skin to make the skin soft and smooth with radiance. Treatments with Restylane Skinboosters are scientifically proven to improve skin quality and can be used to rejuvenate for example the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

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